Military-grade source code protection.

Avoid piracy, data theft, hacking or reverse engineering of your software in a simple way and saving costs.

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Avoid decompiling your applications

Shield protects and encapsulates the code of your application so that it avoids external access, manipulation or theft.

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Every time, techniques used by attackers are more sophisticated, the theft of source code or intellectual property is only part of the problem, attacks on applications are gateways to trade secret theft, information or sensitive data of your customers. Also allows analysis of your application to find other security gaps.

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Breaches in any of these areas can cause serious damage to revenue, customers, reputation, and brand. Shield is a reliable option and recommended investment for good risk management

Dynamic control flow

Control flow obfuscation modifies the order of instructions, adding conditionals and deceptive constructs to break decompilers. Unlike common control flow obfuscation, Shield uses dynamic instructions that are generated at runtime, modifying the flow each time the application runs.

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Advanced rename

Renaming obfuscation alters the names of methods, variables, etc., making source code difficult to understand. Shield performs an in-depth analysis of your application and applies renown with integrity functions to ensure names are not changed later with reverse engineering tools.

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Encryption and protection of constants.

Attackers use a common technique that consists of locating sections of code from strings. Shield encrypts the strings and values of your application so that it are not visible in the assembly, but, unlike the other obfuscators, it also protects these values with native algorithms so that cannot be easily obtained at runtime, this feature is very important when the application contains or manages sensitive data.

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Protect your brand with professional protection

Basic security is not enough, Shield combines different polymorphic security layers, which are linked together at runtime with the multiple forms of obfuscation that are applied to your application, creating a defense almost impossible to attack.
Advanced security
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Layers of protection
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Tamper detection
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Smart analysis
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Protection against debugging
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Flow control
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Polymorphic protection

Smart optimization

Shield removes debugging information, optimizes your application's MSIL instructions, and refactors all possible code executions to optimize your software from the root.

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Delete unused information, methods and variables to improve weight and performance.
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Optimize instructions and code execution.
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Encrypt and compress resources to make your application lighter.
shield encrypts and protects dotnet code

Simple implementation and integration.

Shield works on compiled applications, allowing a very simple integration, without the need to adapt, pre-configure or modify your application.

Integration with Visual Studio
Integration with CI/CD and Azure DevOps
No need to write or modify your code
Accessible from any operating system, web browser or CLI.

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Shield now in your CLI

Now you can use Shield from your terminal, easy and fast. Protect the code of your .NET applications from any system, integrate and automate the security of your developments with Shield CLI.


The new Shield CLI

Shield CLI is nothing more and nothing less than the fusion of Shield , the revolutionary tool to protect your .NET applications, with all the power of your operating system terminal...

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