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Effective and advanced source code protection that can be easily managed, maintained and scaled.

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Intelligent code analysis
Let Shield analyze the code and pre-configure the security needed for your application.
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Configurable security
Adjust each method of your application to the level of security you want.
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Easy to use
Shield has a simple interface that allows you to manage everything in a few minutes.

Avoid decompiling your applications

Shield protects and encapsulates the code of your application so that it avoids external access, manipulation or theft.

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Detects and covers all vulnerabilities

Protect your applications, microservices and APIs against the most serious security problems.

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Prevent intrusion and data theft from your applications.
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It blocks manipulation and ensures code integrity.
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Encrypts and protects data and sensitive information.

Fast and simple implementation

Keep your code protected during the whole development, shield analyzes and pre-configures the security based on your application.

Integration with development
Scalability with your application
No learning phase
Efficiency and optimization

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Shield has new features

Discover what's new about Shield

Recently our team worked on a new system to process the applications and made an important update on the graphic interface.


The new dotnetsafer shield panel

The recent shield upgrade allows you to perform new functions and improves the performance of the platform...

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