Protect your first application

Upload an application

To start protecting your .NET and .NET CORE applications, you must enter in one of your projects.


In the applications section you can drag the application you want to upload.

{primary} Depending on your edition of Dotnetsafer Shield there will be a limit of applications that a project can contain.

Resolving dependencies

To analyze the applications it is necessary to provide the dependencies it uses, by default dotnetsafer will resolve them automatically.

In case the application requires dependencies that cannot be resolved, a window will appear asking you for the necessary libraries, once uploaded they will be cached in your project and any application in the project that uses them will be able to resolve without having to provide again.

Configure your project

When your application has loaded, you can go to the next section Protection settings where you can customize the protections you want to use.


{info} The settings in this section will affect the entire project and all the applications it contains.

We have several types of presets, which are protection configurations by a team of cybersecurity engineers.

  • Maximum Protection: It offers the most complete security overcoming the performance and the recommendations by AI.
  • Balance: It offers a perfect balance between security and performance of your application that takes full advantage of the options in your edition of Dotnetsafer Shield.
  • Optimization: Add the maximum possible security by putting application performance and method execution milliseconds first.

Manual configuration

If you prefer to manually configure the protections you can use the custom or personalized preset and select the protections you want to use based on those that your Shield edition allows: protections

Configure apps individually

But if within the same project you have several applications and you want one of them to have a different protection than the project, you must do the following:

  • Click on the file you want to change its settings.
  • In the window that appears below you must deactivate the option Use project settings and then select the settings you want.


Protect your project

When you have chosen one of the above options, the next step is to proceed to protect your application by clicking the Protect button in the upper right corner.


And then wait a few seconds for your application to finish protecting.


When Shield has finished the protection process, you are ready to download your secure application.