Create your first project

What is a project for

Our goal is to offer you exclusive features that make it easier for you to implement security in your applications.

Among these functions is the creation of a project that basically serves to have all the applications you want to protect in one place where you can manage and configure everything you need without leaving your project.

{primary} In short, a project is an application container that shares settings.

Create your project

Once inside your panel you must enter the Shield section where you will find the button Create my first project

create project

By clicking on the button you will only have to enter a valid name.

name project

{warning} The names of the projects have no restrictions and you can have two projects with the same name, remember not to make mistakes when assigning permissions, we recommend you use the projects by their key and not by their name.

Once the process is complete, the project will be created:

project created

Manage your project

Projects are easy to manage, the main options are:

Get the key of a project:

project key

Rename the project:

rename project

Invite team members:

invite team to shield project

What's next

Once you have your project, you can upload applications, delete them, configure and protect them.

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