Meet Shield

Introducing Dotnetsafer Shield, the most advanced security system for .NET and .NET Core.

{primary} Shield is responsible for protecting the source code of your applications or libraries and keeping your intellectual property safe, it is simple and fast.

How does it work

Shield acts on the source code of your application, specifically the IL code.

To avoid decompilation, reverse engineering and even add active or runtime security functions, Shield modifies the application's source code with different security methods that maintain the original function and result.

  • Before protecting with Shield:

    before shield

  • After protecting with Shield:

    after shield

Why Shield

There are different options to protect an application, and there are also different types of security. However, we believe that Dotnetsafer Shield is the best choice for protecting modern application code.

Adapted for Web aplications, APIs and Multi-platform Apps

Shield is optimized to work and adapt with all .NET frameworks, including the recent .NET 5. It has optimizations for client-side applications such as desktop applications or extensions for excel, but it is also optimized for server-hosted APIs, WebApps and Blazor applications with server-client part.

{info} Shield also has optimizations for Xamarin and in development for its .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) successor.

Smart and modern security

Shield uses advanced and modern security techniques and algorithms, updated recurrently in the background to adapt to changes in the framework versions. It also implements different solutions with Artificial Intelligence that analyze your application to implement security based on your application, its code, performance, framework and supported operating systems.

Simple integration

Shield can be easily integrated, you have a Saas that allows you to protect an application from any browser, an extension to integrate it into Visual Studio and a CLI to use or automate them from your terminal. Also different continuous integration options for Secure DevOps with Azure, Github and other options that offer CI/CD.

Configurable and compatible

Shield is easy to configure, you can use it from any environment, with any operating system, manage its service in your company or group of developers and it is valid for any .NET project (regardless of whether it is C#, F#, Visual Basic, Xamarin, Blazor...). It is also compatible with analysis and monitoring tools, Shield stays with you during the development of the product to keep it safe at all times, it offers adaptive configurations and advanced options that you can combine with other dotnetsafer products without problem.

{info.fa-code} We are a developer-first company that makes it easy for developers to integrate products and services and takes them into account above all else.

How to get started with Shield

Shield works on compiled applications .exe or .dll, you can use it from several places:

Before starting it is important that you create an account at Dotnetsafer.