Shield with Visual Studio

Your applications safe from the moment of programming them in Visual Studio.

The Dotnetsafer extension for Visual Studio allows you to secure your applications .NET from the moment you are programming them.

{primary} From Visual Studio and with a few clicks you can configure the Donetsafer Shield to apply all the security parameters during the compilation process.

It works on Windows, MacOS and Linux and offers functionalities that coordinate with your cloud configurations.

How to install it?

You should enter in Manage Extensions from the Extensions menu. And search for Dotnetsafer. After that you only need to press the Download button.


How to install it manually?

  1. Download the latest ShieldVSExtension.vsix from Shield Dotnetsafer in the Visual Studio Markteplace.
  2. Install the extension.
  3. Check that it has been installed in the Build menu of Visual Studio.

How to update it?

  1. Enter in Manage Extensions from the Extensions menu.
  2. Check for updates and click in Update button.


How to uninstall it?

To remove Dotnetsafer Extensión you should select the option Manage Extension from the menu Extension in Visual Studio.

Contribute to development

You are free to automate, improve or expand any function of our CLI, you can also contribute to our repository.

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