Welcome to Dotnetsafer ! 👋

{primary} Dotnetsafer is the platform of choice for developers to create .NET applications securely, providing a range of security products for developers.

Our mission

From Dotnetsafer we want to support developers to create software and keep it safe.

Our products offer developers and companies the option to keep their code safe, avoid reverse engineering, vulnerabilities, and data theft. We offer developer-first solutions to facilitate implementation and reduce development times, and therefore costs.

{info} We create solutions with modern and agile development in mind, with DevSecOps and Enterprise-ready integration.


We are in Lanzadera a business accelerator led by Juan Roig, where they offer us all kinds of help, resources, and knowledge to be able to develop innovative technological solutions that allow us to help thousands of companies and developers.

Meet Shield

Shield will help you protect the source code of your applications, add security against tampering, avoid reverse engineering and secure the sensitive data used by your software.

Meet Shield 🙌