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Discover the news and the latest versions of dotnetsafer.

2.0.0 - Improvements for the release of version 2.0.0

March 08, 2020

  • Community protections adapted to framework versions.
    • .NET Core
    • .NET Standard
  • Improved constant community security.
    • Adaptation with System.Linq
    • Fluency in the resolution of operations.
  • Improved the integration of the logger with the interface.
    • The processes that carry out the protections in real time are now shown.
  • Fixed bugs in decay protection.
    • Fixed incompatibilities of operations: convert.
    • Fixed the incompatibilities of the operations that use: marshal.

      IconNow the versions of .NET Standard 1.0 will not have the External operation that uses Marshal.

    • Improved dynamic operations.
  • Renown protection improvements
    • Fixed the popularity of abstract methods.
    • Fixed some bugs about the popularity of WPF applications.
    • Fixed some bugs about the renown of apps containing BAML.

2.0.0-alpha - Focus on compatibility

February 12, 2020

  • Improve compatibility with .NET Core
    • Adapted versions 3.0 y 3.1
    • Adapted versions lower than .NET Core 2.0
  • Improve compatibility with .NET Standard
    • Adapted versions 2.0 y 2.1
    • Adapted the lower versions to the protections of the community edition
  • Adapt dependency resolution
    • Complete adaptation to .NET Framework
    • Complete adaptation to .NET Core
    • Complete adaptation to .NET Standard
    • Complete adaptation to Nuget packages
  • Fixed some code compatibility bugs.
    • Fix bugs that affect constant protection under: .NET Core
    • Fix bugs that affect constant protection under: .NET Standard
    • Fixed issues with using Linq in constant protection.