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Dotnetsafer is a professional security system for applications developed in .NET (commonly known as obfuscador) that combines power, security and performance to ensure the integrity of your applications.

NOTE: This documentation is extended based on the tickets and questions that are asked in the help center, if you have any questions we have a specific team to help you.

First steps

To start with dotnetsafer simply create an account and access your control panel at
Start protecting
Dotnetsafer is that simple. Once you have your account you can start using it for free.
Learn about security
We recommend you read the basic documentation about dotnetsafer protections , this will help you decide when and how to apply them.
Configurations and obfuscation
In the documentation you can find each of the configurations and features that dotnetsafer offers.


The protections are organized according to the main function they perform or the type of security they offer.

Integrity protections are responsible for keeping your application protected against software manipulation, decompilation elements and reverse engineering.
Code protection
Code protections encrypt, obfuscate and protect the sensitive information of your application by hiding its methods, variables, references and other important elements to avoid obtaining information, copying or manipulating the software.
File Protection
File protection is responsible for optimizing and compressing the files and resources of your applications by adding an extra protection layer that makes it difficult to access the code.

NOTE: Work is being done on the development of new protections and features that will be added soon in this section.

How to get support

Dotnetsafer offers several types of support depending on the user's edition.

Los tipos de soporte disponibles son:

Included in all editions, with 24/7 availability to answer any questions about dotnetsafer.
Included in the Professional and Enterprise edition, it has a team of programmers that will help you answer questions or technical problems about the protections or the program.
Included in the Enterprise edition, it will have priority attention (in less than 12 hours) and will be filtered in first positions for our technical team.

You can contact support from different places by sending an email to or from:

Contact Form

Send us a message using a simple form, we will send you the response to the email you provide in the form.

Contact support

Open a ticket

You can also open a ticket in our help center or from the control panel to answer any questions or requests.

Open a ticket