top 5 tools part 2

TOP 5+1 tools for any .NET developer (Part 2)


As we saw in the previous article Top 5 tools for any .NET developer we show the most prominent of Visual Studio. We also know that Visual Studio is the best tool for developing in .NET thanks to everything it offers us.

Although it is very powerful and very complete, there will always be little things that we will have to cover with other tools. In this article we are going to see another Top 5 tools for any .NET developer 馃憞


CodeMaid, which supports multiple programming languages, is a real gem for Visual Studio users. The CodeMaid extension allows you to clean and simplify your code. Plus, you have the ability to rearrange, view, and navigate code, comment formatting, and much more.

It also allows you to create deeper folder structures, including files that start with a period (.gitignore).

鉁 VS Color Output

Imagine that you receive an instant notification of errors in the development phase and save yourself several hours of work. VS Color Output takes care of that.

The Visual Studio extension monitors each line sent to the output window and changes its color according to the specified rules.

The default patterns will color build errors red, warnings yellow, and build successful messages green. Add the extension and start taking advantage of it today.

鉁 AddNewFile

Avoid those many right clicks you make to create a file with AddNewFile.

Download this handy extension and create a file with any file extension and any folder by simply pressing聽Shift + F2.


Do you need to work on machine learning models, but have no prior ML experience? I recommend downloading ML.NET Model Builder, a simple user interface tool for Visual Studio.

Developers take advantage of this simple visual interface to create, train, and submit custom machine learning models in their .NET applications. By using this extension, developers also connect their data stored in files or聽SQL Server聽and can train the model and generate code for model training and consumption.


Always stuck while coding for a chained LINQ expression? Color your text blocks and differentiate them easily. Viasfora will help you a lot.

The Visual Studio Viasfora extension allows you to colorize聽LINQ syntax, including nested braces, control flow appearance,聽LINQ keywords, and help with聽XML聽enhancements.



Visual Studio has fairly limited project templates. Need additional snippets and templates for your Visual Studio projects? You need SideWaffle Template Pack which is back with an excellent set of useful Snippets, Project- and Item Templates.

Whether you need to create聽websites,聽Windows apps, apps, WPF, or similar projects, you always have great repositories that make your daily work in Visual Studio a more intuitive and productive experience.


Therefore, we included the top 5 Visual Studio extensions that we found most helpful and useful for day-to-day needs. We hope you have installed and are using these valuable tools.

However, if you have any issues with Visual Studio related to productivity and project development, please let us know in the comments. We will update our entire list with the appropriate VS extension in relation to your required needs.

TOP 5+1 tools for any .NET developer (Part 2)
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TOP 5+1 tools for any .NET developer (Part 2)
In this article we are going to see another Top 5 tools for any .NET developer 馃憞
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