Top 5 tools for developoer

Top 5 tools for any .NET developer


Visual Studio is the best tool for .NET development thanks to all the facilities it offers us.

Although it is very complete, it does not cover all needs. There will always be small parts that we will need to cover with other tools. In this article we are going to the 5 most useful tools. 👇

✅ Powershell

Although it is widely used by system administrators, programmers today do not usually use it much. In addition, Windows also includes the Windows ISE editor, which can help you write scripts more easily.

✅ Chocolatey

If you’ve ever used a Linux system, one of its best things is its apt-get package manager. It allows you to install any application on the system from the command line. Windows does not have similar officially supported utilities, but the closest one is Chocolatey.

Chocolatey allows you to install, update or uninstall almost all Windows applications simply by typing in the PowerShell command line.

✅ Poshgit

Basically, it provides you with built-in Powershell help for use with Git, so you can always see information about the repository in the current folder: the branch it is in, the changes made, etc… It’s a little help, but very interesting.

✅ LinqPad

If you just want to be able to run code, test ideas in short programs, or start LINQ commands without having to open Visual Studio and create a project, LinqPad is the solution.

LinqPad is agile, fast, and has many options. They can even provide contextual help or allow you to compile small programs.

Although it has a paid version, the free version will cover almost all your needs.

✅ dotPeek

You can check any .NET assembly (even the platform assembly itself) and see its equivalent code in C # (or IL), get the Visual Studio project, find specific content in the code… and much more.

Essential, apart from the fact that it canbe downloaded directly without registering.

Top 5 tools for any .NET developer
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Top 5 tools for any .NET developer
Do you develop in .NET? Do you want to know what are the best tools to speed up development? In this article I show you the Top 5
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