Dotnetsafer Beta Program

Rewards for trying new products? We present you our Beta program!


Yes! After so much waiting… From Dotnetsafer we present you our Beta program. That if … Access will be limited, so, hurry up to sign up because for your help, you will receive exclusive rewards that I will tell you about below. 🤭

Yes, you read that right, exclusive rewards in exchange for your opinion. What sounds great?

If you are still here, you will have doubts such as … What is your Beta program? What does it consist of? What kind of rewards are you talking about? I’m going to get you out of your doubts right now!


🤔 What is Dotnetsafer Beta? And what does it consist of?

It is our community of developers that is tasked with testing the latest updates to new Dotnetsafer products before anyone else. 😎

In addition, you can give us your honest opinion to help us improve and adapt to any development environment.

We will value each and every one of them to continue working on offering higher quality functions and services. ✅


🤔 Why should I join?

For being part of our team, being by our side and helping to perfect the new products! We are going to offer you personalized rewards! 🎁


🤔 What kind of rewards?

  • Join us and discover the exclusive discounts we offer you.

  • Access the paid functions for free.

  • You will continue to receive future beta updates that you can try.


If you’ve reached this point, I know you’re interested.


Now I have a question for you … What are you waiting to join? 🥺


You just have to enter your email address and do not worry, we will not share your email with anyone or send you spam, in the same way you can cancel your subscription at any time if you are not convinced by our program (although I sincerely doubt it ). 🤭

Without further ado, here is the link: JOIN OUR BETA PROGRAM!

And remember…

BETA access is LIMITED!


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