Protect .NET aplications

Protect .NET applications from the terminal is now possible


Looking to protect .NET applications? Being able to automate protection with a single command? From the terminal of any operating system? From Dotnetsafer we bring you the solution:

Shield CLI

That is the answer to all your questions.

But … What is Shield CLI? How can I protect the code of my .NET applications with it?

Shield CLI is nothing more and nothing less than the fusion of Shield , the revolutionary tool to protect your .NET applications, with all the power of your operating system terminal, no matter what you use < strong> Windows, Linux or MacOs. It is compatible with all of them.

You can try it right now , the difficulty of installing it is 0. Open your terminal and paste this line 👇

dotnet tool install -g dotnetsafer

Protect your .NET applications

Shield has more than 10 very advanced protections and algorithms to protect .NET applications. All polished to the maximum in order to get the best out of each one. Among them it offers:

  • Control Flow Protection: This protection disintegrates the code of the methods so that decompilers cannot decompile the methods.
  • Anti Tamper Protection: This protection ensures the integrity of the application.
  • Constants Encryption Protection: This protection encrypts the constants in the code.
  • Reference Proxy Protection: This protection encrypts and hides references to type/method/fields.

As we can see, Shield offers almost double protection at the security level compared to the most popular obfuscators on the market. This would be the same as almost X2 increasing the complexity to decompile the application.

The tool analyzes your application and adapts itself intelligently to whatever you want since it brings settings such as:

  • Performance with it you will get the maximum power from your application ✅
  • Balanced if you prefer a compromise between speed and security, Shield has intelligent algorithms to protect your code .NET application without losing efficiency. ✅
  • Maximum protection if you are looking to protect your application in all possible ways, this is your preset . Shield will increase the security level of your application code to the maximum .✅

Finally, it has an option to customize the protections that will be applied to your code to your liking.

Performance after protecting code

To really see its performance, we have used an application and compared it again with the most popular .NET obfuscators. This is the information extracted:

In these statistics we can see that Shield hardly increases the time it takes to run the application, while the advanced obfuscator adds more than 80% of time and Free obfuscator multiplies almost 2.5 the amount of time required in the application’s execution time.


The potential offered by Shield is enormous, and now all that from the terminal of the operating system itself. Shield CLI allows you to automate the entire protection process with just one command apart from offering results that are very difficult to overcome by common obfuscators.

Protect .NET applications from the terminal is now possible
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Protect .NET applications from the terminal is now possible
It is now possible to protect .NET applications from the terminal of any operating system. Both Windows, Linux or MacOs
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