Blazor WebAssembly

What is Blazor WebAssembly? The union of .NET 5 and Blazor

Since the last release of .NET 5 at Conf 2020, all of your users have seen first-hand how to take advantage of the…

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Const Vs Readonly

CONST vs READONLY in C#? (Explanation in 3 minutes)

Who does not have doubts when starting to learn something new?🤔 All the world In this case, when someone starts…

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C#9 features and C# 10 expectations

C# 9.0 Features and C# 10 Expectations – Historical update?

The latest version of C#, 9.0, was officially released with .NET 5 in November 2020. These days there are already rumors of the features…

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Security tips for .NET

Security for applications in .NET – 5 tips to follow right now

When programming one of the aspects that we must take into account is the security of our code, from Dotnetsafer…

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Protect yout .NET applications

The reasons Why You Should Protect Your .NET Applications

Many times we have heard that security is one of the most important aspects in relation to computer software and…

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