Protecting .NET applications from Visual Studio

How to protect .NET applications from Visual Studio

The other day we were rethinking how .NET applications should be protected, and we came to a conclusion. Now we…

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Decompiling .net for dummies

How to decompile .NET applications – 5 easy steps

Why do we explain how to decompile .NET applications?From Dotnetsafer we do this article for a very simple reason, in…

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.net 6

.NET 6 Preview 2 (Release notes + New features)

.NET 6 Preview 2 Announcement 📰  On March 11 of this year .NET 6 Preview 2 was officially announced. This new…

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Learn DevOps? I give you 10 reasons

Let’s start by defining what DevOps means: Dev (Development)Ops (Operations) Designates the union of people and technology to deliver value…

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Conversions C# Implicit Vs Explicit

Conversions… Implicit VS Explicit?

After many years programming in .NET, you may have already realized that the framework allows us, in a very simple way, to…

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Top 5 Visual Studio Extensions

TOP 5 Visual Studio EXTENSIONS for developers

Visual Studio… Who has not heard that name before? Today it is still one of the BEST IDE for any developer, since apart…

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Blazor WebAssembly

What is Blazor WebAssembly? The union of .NET 5 and Blazor

Since the last release of .NET 5 at Conf 2020, all of your users have seen first-hand how to take advantage of the…

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Const Vs Readonly

CONST vs READONLY in C#? (Explanation in 3 minutes)

Who does not have doubts when starting to learn something new?🤔 All the world In this case, when someone starts…

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C#9 features and C# 10 expectations

C# 9.0 Features and C# 10 Expectations – Historical update?

The latest version of C#, 9.0, was officially released with .NET 5 in November 2020. These days there are already rumors of the features…

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Security tips for .NET

Security for applications in .NET – 5 tips to follow right now

When programming one of the aspects that we must take into account is the security of our code, from Dotnetsafer…

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