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Características del nuevo panel

Launch of the new panel


The Dotnetsafer team has developed a new panel adapted to all your needs, with new features to ensure your comfort during the process of protecting your applications.

1. Project management

Forget about having to upload your applications every time you want to protect.

Now you can create a project that allows you to store your applications.

You can also share your dependencies, if one is necessary it will request and it will be reused the next times you want to protect.

You can also select the expiration time of the uploaded applications, both those that have been protected and those that have not.

There are different types of projects based on each type of framework:

  • Smart: It will intelligently analyze the framework of your application or library and adapt the settings so that they are applied optimally.
  • Net Framework: It is used for applications that work under the .NET Framework, it contains specific settings for this framework that may be incompatible with others.
  • Net Core: ncludes tailored protections that are incompatible with Net Framework, has some differences in settings.
  • Xamarin:  It is completely independent from the rest, it includes protections, configurations and optimizations focused on mobile devices.
  • Blazor: This type of project includes optimizations for web applications and adapted protections, it is currently in beta.

2. Exclusions and individual selections

Now you can select only the methods, classes, types, etc. that you want to protect.

Excluir seguridad en .NET

Or protect everything excluding some methods that do not need security.

3. Protection history

With this new tool, you will be able to check the protections you have used, the recent configurations and download your protected applications as long as they are not expired.

It can only be used if we are using a project.

Consulta tus aplicaciones protegidas de .NET

4. Shared dependencies

When uploading a dependency to a project, it can be shared between all the applications of that project, in this way you only have to upload it once.

For security reasons, dependencies cannot be shared between multiple projects.

When creating a project you could decide if the dependencies will expire or not, although you can edit this option later.

5. Permissions and advanced security

You will be able to have control over the expiration of all the files uploaded to the platform, of the people or members of your team who have access and the configuration of the different permissions available for the projects.

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