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not in his safety.

Without dotnetsafer

Every time you develop software, update or release a new version, you need to worry about security, protect sensitive information, and spend a lot of time so that your code, methods, and connections are not directly exposed.


With dotnetsafer

You can focus all your resources and time to developing your software, improve the user experience, and scale quickly without security being an issue. Dotnetsafer will do this work for you, with the tools it offers you can easily keep your software safe.

Adapted to all frameworks.

Each framework requires specific security needs, no matter what you are using, our products are adapted and optimized to all frameworks.
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.NET 5 & 6
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Implement security the easy way

Easy to implement (Enterprise-ready)
We strive to design our products in a way that teams can easily and safely integrate, manage and use them. With roles, audit trails, Single Sign On (SSO) and other requirements to be implemented in companies.
Developer-first solutions
Our products are specifically designed for easy use by developers to create software safely.

Continuous integration

We develop solutions easily to integrate with your favorite tools, IDEs and adjustable to your DevSecOps pipeline.

CI/CD integration
Extended APIs

Protecting your application throughout development

We identify vulnerabilities, protect your application and provide tools so that your software is always safe.

Multi-layered security for comprehensive protection
Polymorphic protection
Automated smart analysis
Optimization and compatibility

Protect your software

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