We take care of improving the security of your applications

Increase the security of your software, reduce costs and save time with the tools that dotnetsafer offers you to protect your intellectual property and guarantee the integrity of your .NET and .NET Core applications.

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Focus on your software,

not in his safety.

Without dotnetsafer

Without dotnetafer every time you develop software, update or publish a new version you should worry about security, protect sensitive information and spend a lot of time so that your code, methods, and connections are not directly exposed.


With dotnetsafer

With dotnetsafer you can devote all resources and time to the development of your software, improve the user experience and scale quickly without security being a problem. Dotnetsafer will do this work for you, it will take a couple of minutes to protect your software thanks to its simplicity.

Adapted to all frameworks.

Each framework requires specific security needs, no matter what you are using, our products are adapted and optimized to all frameworks.
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Keep your apps safe at all times

Without security, all the code of your applications is exposed, this poses a great threat to your intellectual property.
With Dotnetsafer you will secure this valuable information, we offer you everything you need to keep your software safe.
Advanced security
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Implement security the easy way

Easy to use and implement
We strive to design our products in the simplest way possible, so teams don't have to spend hundreds of hours understanding, learning or integrating it.
Always thinking about development
Our products are designed for rapid implementation, we aim to make implementing security a simple task that any member of your team can perform.

Smart optimization

Our models are in charge of constantly updating security methods and optimizing the code of your applications.

Smart analysis
Running optimization
Security optimization

Protecting your application throughout development

We identify vulnerabilities, protect your application and provide options so that your software is always secure.

Advanced and modern security
Intelligent automated analysis
Integration and compatibility

Protect your software

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